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Jim Spencer opened PC Helpers in 1992.  Jim has a vast  knowledge of computer software  and its usage in today's business environment.  Jim does not believe in the word Can't when it comes to a particular task for the computer.  He loves a good computer challenge and always looks for the most user-friendly solution for the end-user of computer software.  Jim's most famous acronym came during classes taught at KAW Area Technical School - RTS or Read The Screen.  His co-workers came up with another acronym - LJDI or Let Jim Do It!  If you are having computer problems or need assistance with software system solutions please contact  Jimdano@aol.com.  Please Email us.

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The following publications were written by PC Helpers.

Publications:    An Introduction to the Windows 95 Operating System
                        Windows 98: An Introduction to the Operating System 
Both of these publications were used by Kaw Area Technical School, Topeka KS during
school years 1998 - 2001 for the Introduction to Personal Computers class.

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